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All Images and fonts belong to their respective owners. Any specific agreements must be made in person. Financial agreements are also payments. Making a payment puts any payee in agreement with all of our terms Everything we use, is done so under fair use statutes in order to demonstrate how a user interface can help customers arrive at their conclusions qucikly and effectively. Their conclusions are not always profit oriented. The public at large may use images only in representation of that specific brand or in reference to us and how we relate to and or purvey said material or brand. At all times the terms of use must adhere to the trademarks rules and terms as well. This User interface and it's layout, and images are proprietary. Bell and Gosset and Baldor are seperate entities from us. We do use some of their images of products ;as well as logos, in reference to what they sell. In addition to using brand images, we use brand videos as well. We use these videos only in reference to a product. Permission is not given to distribute videos, we do not own them nor are we trying tp distribute them. Their trademarks do not belong to us, nor are we distributing their marks in any manner. Their use is simply illustrative. We do sell Baldor and Bell and Gosset materials, to communicate who they are, is done so must evectively by displaying their trademarks. Type faces are open license, and do not necessarily belong to us. Some type face may be enbedded in an image, to which licensing rules may apply in a complicated manner. Most typefaces, help us to illustrate a method, object, person or an idea. In any case, despite licensing methods and fair use we will gladly remove any content in dispute. For someone to dispute content please contact the web master. Practicing real, friendly, competitive and easy business is our goal. Therefore, we try and give credit were it is due. If content is in dispute, and a contact effort is made, it must be a legitimate claim. The terms of what makes a dispute legitimate are based on common sense. Disputes made in a malevolant or threatining manner, legal or otherwise. will not be entertained or considered. What is threatining, covers a large cross section of terms. The scope of our operations do not allow us enough time to be aware of all possible litigation or violations. Generaly, to imply that violence will be used against us is a threat. Implying that legal suites may be filed, or are in consideration may be deemed threatining by us. All pages content and markup methods outside of standard use and protocols belong to Brown Milbery by copyright. The markup itself of course is open source and does not belong tp us The manner in which we use it, is ours. Use of this site is done so at your own risk. Any damages that may possibly occur from the use of this user interface, are the sole responsability of the user/client. However, this site should in no way shape or form cause damages to anyone or any device, unless it has been compromised somehow. Due to the fact that this user interface is modern, there may be performance issues when using an older device of any type or brand. This application is front end intensive. Although it does not rely on javascript, it is used for a large amount of features. Terms are substantiated in natural manner, not legalese. It is our hope that all that would do business with us communicate in this manner as well. Straight forward speech and writing works fine for the vast majority of our clients and customers.