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Brown Milbery Inc.

Electric Motor Specialists

Proprietary image of the inside of an electric motor Brown Milbery Inc has provided electrical motor repairs sales and service to the public at large for over a half century. With the help and dedication of our customers we plan to do business well into the future. Any and all those who are in need of any type of service related to electric motors and pump assemblies, we fervently welcome. New customers and inquiries are always invited to use are services. Our prices and services compete well with others. Business is done here with our customers in mind, by providing our customers with prompt service, their business will in turn benefit us. Reno, Nevada is were our shop is located. However customers across the globe may do business with us, despite our location. As long as one can ship to, or receieve shipments from us, then our services can be provided. We look forward to hearing from all those that seek our services. Although a vast amount of products are made outside the United States, Baldor remains a quality U.S. product and we are proud to distribute their motors to anyone that needs a quality product. There are many other manufacturers that we service and can obtain and provide, but Baldor is highly reccomended by us.

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The core of the services provided by us pertains to electric motors. There are numerous different types sizes and brands. Industrial types are the genre that we deal with. Pumps are sold and serviced by us as well. After all most pumps are driven by an electric motor of some type. If you are in need of service and are located well outside of Reno, we can still provide you with service. This may require you to ship your motor to us if it is in need of repair. New Motors can be purchased over the phone and shipped to most locations throughout the world. All these parameters apply to pumps and pump/motor repairs and service. However, it is reccomended if at all possible to know what kind of pump you may need for application. If you are not sure what you may need, the old equipment may be able to provide some clues. Look for size markings band markings etc.. Feel free to inquire if you are in need of assistance or advice.

Motors and Pumps

Image of a pump internals Electric motors power many systems of manufacturing and utilities that we take for granted. Like all equipment, parts and components age and eventually do fail. What we do is repair and service them in a timely manner to help get our customers back into production. Most pumps regardless of what they are used for, typically are powered by an electric motor. So naturally we service and sell pumps as well. When it comes to pumps we recommend using Bell & Gosset


Placard Icon Proprietary Image of an old Placard In order to help streamline your service needs, it is recommended that you gather as much information about your motor or pump as possible. Even if you are going to replace a motor or pump assembly, find as much information as you can. If you plan to just have your assembly serviced, any attributes you can relay to us will help a great deal. Most motors and pump assemblies will have numerous markings. Some markings may be on a placard. Other markings may be on parts of a pump assembly, such as flange sizes etc.. A placard is usually a piece of material metal or plastic attched to an assembly. An assembly meaning an electric motor, and or motor and attched apparati that form a pump configuration. In other cases a sticker of some kind may be found instead of a placard.

Questions ?

Finding as much information as you can will help you as a customer and us to provide you with a solution in the quickest most affordable manner possible. You may have a question about what you may or may not need as replacement part, or completely new assembly. No question pertaining to your service needs, is a foolish question. Having as much information about your old parts or what you need to operate a newly built assembly, helps both you and us come to timely solution.

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Our normal hours of operation are from 7am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. On Fridays we are open from 7am to noon. We are loacted at 180 Gentry Way Reno, Nevada

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